According to the Huffington Post, these 13 pet peeves make the gym “a terrible place”.

When searching new articles in health and fitness, I found one link that caught my eye immediately. It was an article on the Huffington Post’s website. The link? “13 Reasons’s the Gym is a Terrible Place”. When I clicked it, I found a less slightly obtuse, but no less brow-furrowing title to the article; “13 Annoying Gym Pet Peeves That Make You Just Want to Quit Working Out

I’ll admit, when reading the article, I could relate to almost every single pet peeve. However, I soon noticed that a lot of these are the things about the gym that only bother me when I’m in a bad mood. I have said it before, and I will say it again: your mental attitude is the biggest determinant of your experiencesIn any circumstance. Period. For example, pet peeve #4, “Drowning out the music in everyone else’s headphones by singing to the music in yours”, only annoys me when I’m annoyed myself. When I’m not, if I see someone singing to themselves (or dancing – or both!), I observe with a smile on my face and wish I had the confidence (and the pitch) to do the same.

Check these pet peeves out and see if you can relate to any of them. Number 13 is definitely my ULTIMATE pet peeve, regardless of mood, especially when I’m working and am the poor sucker that has to deal with the aftermath. Are these any of your pet peeves? Are you guilty of committing a few yourself? I know I am.

Next time one of these, or any other thing about other gym-goers, annoys you in your workout, try changing your mental attitude and see how it affects you then. You might be surprised!

– Emily


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