5 Tips To Get You Motivated To Hit The Gym

Let’s face it, you aren’t always going to be motivated to work out. And no matter what level you are at, this isn’t something that you can change. Motivation is affected by so many things in your life, both physical and mental, that it is impossible to be 100% motivated all the time. But, there are some tricks that you can do to help yourself when you feel like Eeyore and everyone around you is acting like Tigger. Here are my top 5 tricks when I’m feeling completely demotivated!

5. Make a list of all of the reasons why you should workout. For example: It is good for your body and your mind, you will feel accomplished when you finish, you will regret not working out, you will be one step closer to your goals, etc.

4. Treat yourself (but not with food!). Sometimes, a good old bribe goes a long way. When you’re really dragging, plan to hit the gym and then go and get something that you’ve wanted for a while. Maybe it’s a new book, or an album on iTunes, or maybe it’s new workout gear, whatever it is, treat yo self! (Don’t do this too often though or your wallet might not be too happy with your muscles!)

3. Allow yourself to skip a workout another time. This is a funny trick that I use often. When you’re feeling unmotivated, tell yourself that if you go and do your workout today, you can skip a workout in the next couple of days. This works really well if you plan your workouts in advance, but it still works if you don’t. Go and do the workout, knowing that in a few days you’ll get an extra day off. Chances are, you won’t remember that you made this deal with yourself when the workout that is to be skipped comes along, or you won’t want to skip your workout later on in the week! This is because your motivation ebbs and flows, so if you’re feeling demotivated one day, you won’t necessarily be feeling that way the next time a workout comes around.

2. Try a different workout. Look up fun workouts online or new exercises to help you get stronger or faster. This helps to sort of recharge your commitment to your health and can get you excited to try new things in the gym!

1. Get pumped up with some awesome music. There is nothing like a pre-workout dance party to get yourself motivated to move. This is my ultimate go-to when I am feeling lazy and it works every single time. Any fast paced song will do. Lately, I’ve been loving Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings.



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